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New for 2023 is the Big Creek Concrete Inc Rookie 602 Sportsman class! The Rookie 602
Sportsman division is a great opportunity to learn how to race and get much needed experience. See information below to see if your eligible.
-Haven’t raced a full season in a Crate/Open Sportsman anywhere.
-Haven’t won a Crate/Open Sportsman race anywhere.
How it’s ran:
-Draw for position
-15 lap feature
-Previous winner starts last at next rookie feature
-Approximately 12 feature only events
-Rookie 602 Payout is $175 to win & $50 to take the green.
-Rookies will not be able to compete in the normal 602 class the same night.
Those wishing to run the new rookie class you MUST email before the race season starts. Do not show up and expect to run in the rookie class without our approval.
Email with any questions.



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