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Barry Angstadt coming onboard as part of Big Diamond Speedway announcing team with Dino Oberto in 2023!
When Jake told me that Barry would be coming onboard on a weekly basis I was thrilled to say the least.
I truly enjoyed working with him on several occasions at BDS and now getting to do it every Friday night is going to be fantastic!
Barry is a true professional and brings a huge amount of experience to the table and I can’t begin to tell you how much I admire what he does and the respect I have for him, he’s a class act!
Believe it or not our career paths have crossed a number of times over the past few decades (we have a combined 62 years doing this). He has his style and I have mine and I feel that together we’ll be able to make a great pair behind the microphone.
There is no question how good the racing is at BDS and when Jake asked me to join the team in 2020 it was an honor. Now with Barry sharing the booth, well as I said this is going to be fantastic!
I’ve been blessed with many great opportunities in race announcing over the years, and this new venture at Big Diamond—working with Dino every Friday night—is one that I am really looking forward to; it’s gonna be a lot of fun!
What prompted my decision to leave Bridgeport, a track I truly love and got so much enjoyment while announcing there, was a bit of a health scare that I am dealing with right now. My doctor says I’ll be fine after some surgery in January, but it got me to thinking that maybe, after 28 years of announcing somewhere on Saturday nights, it might be nice for my wife and I to explore some other activities and actually have entire weekends where we can do other things.
This is the best of both worlds…I can still announce at Action Track USA in Kutztown on Wednesdays (and some Sundays), work alongside Dino at Big Diamond on Friday nights, then have the weekend to do whatever…
I will be forever grateful to Doug and Brittany Rose for allowing me to announce at Bridgeport over the past two seasons, and I will dearly miss everyone at the South Jersey speedway.
I am also extremely appreciative of the fact that Jake and Jasmine Smulley are allowing me to announce with Dino on a weekly basis at Big Diamond. As Dino and I worked together for several events last season, our cohesiveness increased and we had a blast calling the fantastic, wheel-to-wheel action at Diamond. I am looking forward to working with all the officials there and getting to know all the drivers and crews as the 2023 season rolls along. I sincerely hope I can add something that enhances the fans’ entertainment experience at each event and I can’t wait to get started!


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